Your initial appointment could involve a consultation or a comprehensive examination. A consultation exam involves evaluating an isolated area of your dentition. A comprehensive exam involves a thorough periodontal evaluation of your dentition.

Regardless of the type of exam, a diagnosis, treatment options, and prognosis are discussed in length. In addition, time of treatment as well as financial obligations will be discussed. 

We will ask your dental office to forward appropriate x-rays prior to your appointment. If none are available, we will take the required x-rays based upon the type of exam.

In regards to a consultation, usually a single x-ray and/or intraoral photo will be taken. As for a comprehensive exam, a full series of x-rays would be required, covering your complete dentition.

As for your health history, this will be reviewed with you during your appointment. If there is a concern in regards to your health history and treatment, a consultation letter will be sent to your physician in regards to this matter before treatment is undertaken.

If you have been advised by your physician that you require an antibiotic (pre-medication) for dental treatment, please take your antibiotic medication prior to your appointment, as prescribed by your physician.

We recognize many people are at first confused and apprehensive about the prospect of periodontal treatment or dental implant therapy. Your questions and concerns are our #1 priority and we invite you to discuss them with us at any time.